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I Emma Louise LivingSoul was born in physical vessel 1978, and walked in as a soul in 1985.

I live in Norway and are born of Danish and Norwegian heritage. Though I see myself as an intergalactic being visiting earth as a living soul.

I am an passionate philosopher of life and free thinker, working in my daily life as a nurse and writing in my free time. In this times I am finishing my book “Through my eyes” which is about my life through dimensions both on earth and in cosmos. I never claim to hold the truth for others but my own. Hopefully some of my knowledge and wisdom can be at inspiration for others to get in touch with their own force of creativity and love, and in this way be the change this humanity so sorely need.

I seek for holy love and peace for all living souls, and my philosophy is influenced by my love for the sanctity of life and the desire to create a better world for all through inner knowledge, wisdom and honesty above oneself as self-responsible individuals.

Since I was a young girl, I have been in contact with civilisations from other realms and dimension, both on earth and on a cosmic level. I have a gift of communicating with the elements of water, air, soil, and fire, and with the source of my higher selves.

I am living in the forest of Norway and are in contact with Mother nature everyday

My mantra is seeking within and finding the connection to source in my inner realm and use the wisdom wisely for the better for all. I feel that the best company in the world are the one you find in solitude with the all creating force called love. When I am in that place I see all the glory of creation in others and I enjoy the beauty of their presence. Finding balance between darkness and light, and live from that point is like coming home to the divine part of yourself. I am not a supporter of the written religions,when that said, there are still much wisdom to be found in religious text as long as you see through the manipulated part that are there to deceive us from our real powers. I do support the imaginary creative force of love, that we all are part of and all are coming from. The source so many religions call God. The source I call imaginary creative love.
Since childhood I have had strong memories and visions of life on other planets and other dimensions. I wander between dimensions and travel through space and “time” collecting memories of wisdom from ancient knowledge to bring forth for the rise of humanity as a sovereign race.
I genuinely believe we all have a hidden and forgotten power, that brought up into the daylight and into the surface of our consciousness will be able to change this world for the best of all living beings. To do so, I utterly believe we need to start embracing the divine energy in our self. See the deep layers of darkness and light, and re-unite this frequencies of divine emotions and create what many referring to as the force of God. I believe in real freedom and complete open disclosure of all that has ever been and will ever be,especially when it comes to our written history, that is manipulated and twisted into a story that is beneficial for the one who rules. And which are keeping most of humanity in modern chains of slavery. And then again the ancient wisdoms of universal laws: What we do to ourself we are doing to each other. We are all responsible for creating the game we are playing in, and we are all responsible to wake up and start dream – weaving the new earth into reality of the present moment.
Walk in Love, Joy, Gratitude and Peace.
Emma Louise LivingSoul
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